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Interview with local lad Chris Ramsey

Posted on 13 April 2017

The Metro Radio Arena is thrilled to welcome local lad Chris Ramsey making his Arena debut in Newcastle on Saturday 6th May 2017. Ailsa Oliver, General Manager for the venue, said “We cannot wait to welcome him to his home stage for a night of Geordie comedy as only Chris can”.

We were lucky enough to have secured some interview time with the man himself on Monday 10th April whilst he spends some time in Newcastle preparing for his biggest show to date. Chris kindly stopped by the Metro Radio Arena to have a chat about this exceptional and incredible event coming up!

Q.1. Hi Chris! First of all thank you for giving us some time for a chat today and welcome back home! How are you?

Answer: Absolutely smashing thanks.

Q.2. After taking your last show, All Growed Up, around the UK on a huge tour, you’re back on stage for a brand new show: Is That…Chris Ramsey? Can you tell us a little bit more about this show?

Answer: This show is all about confidence, fear, fatherhood, stupidity and that feeling where you wish you could have handled a situation a lot better than you did… without giving too much away!

Q.3. Because here at the Arena we are curious, as well as your fans, we’re wondering how long does it take to create a stand-up show like Is That…Chris Ramsey? Where do you find the inspiration?

Answer: Depends what I’ve got going on really. I wrote this show in about 2 months but the ideas for it were floating about in my head for about 8 months before that really… even if I wasn’t really doing anything with them. The show is all about me and my life so that’s where I take inspiration from. Just, life. And people, nothing funnier than people.


Q.4. Sound engineers, light engineers, producers, PR, technicians … even if you are alone on stage, a lot of people work backstage: how many people work with you daily to make this tour possible?

Answer: Yeah, but none of them are important… this is all about me and lets never forget that. (I’ve got an awesome tour manager, a support act, and an office full of people who sort out the dates and the interviews etc and they are all brilliant).

Q.5. Is That…Chris Ramsey started on March 17th in London. How the tour is going so far?

Answer: It didn’t. It started Feb 26th. It’s going great. Biggest one so far. Crowds have been fantastic. I love telling the stories in the show. All good.

Q.6. You’re actually from South Shields, Tyne & Wear. I guess being back home will bring back some nice memories! Can you tell us a bit more about your time here: the college/university you studied, your favourite places in town?

Answer: You keep saying ‘being back home’… I still live here! I still live in South Shields. I went to School in South Shields. College in South Shields. Uni in Sunderland. It actually took me doing comedy to leave the North East! 

Q.7. Can you talk to us about your first gig? Was it in town?

Answer: It was at The Dog And Parrot, just round the corner from the arena, actually. It was upstairs on a Tuesday night in January 2007, to about 30 people… and it was actually brilliant! I loved stand up from that moment, and was literally telling people I was a comedian from the second I got off stage.

Q.8. On Saturday 6th May you’ll perform at Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle. It’s your first performance in an Arena and it’s at home! How do you feel about that?

Answer: Absolutely buzzing for it! Can’t wait. Walked around the arena the other day just in awe of the size of the place… cant wait.

Q.9. Very soon some of your fans will have the chance to meet you and share a lunch with you at Nando’s. That’s such an amazing idea to have a good time with your fans! Are you excited?

Answer: I am indeed. I have a Nandos before most gigs anyway, so there will just be more of us this time!

Q.10. A last word for our readers?

Answer: See you there!

 Is That…Chris Ramsey? Yes it is, and he’s coming to YOUR town for his biggest tour to date!

Don’t have your tickets yet? Just click here, call the booking hotline number 0844 493 6666 or stop by Metro Radio Arena Box office and don’t miss the chance to see the North East’s favourite comedian live on his home stage!